Building the first Youth Layout

The first C-TRAK project of the MSCD was the so-called Youth Layout. It was designed and built for exhibitions and shows. The design is based on a basic single-track oval with a passing station and an area to do some shunting. A bridge and cut-out were added to make it visually more attractive. The total size of the layout is 1 x 3 meters (3 x 9 feet) with a shunting area of 1 x 0,5 meters.

The first phase was the building of two prototype modules and one table to test the concept and fitting of the different parts.

After testing, the rest of the modules were cut; a total of 14. Because of the special tables the 3 mm plywood was cut using lasercut, making it possible to cut the cross needed to fit the tables. This is not a necessary method of production for standard C-TRAK modules. Simultaneously all the necessary tracks were bought and everything was put together provisionally.

All modules were painted blue an filled using Styrofoam. For easier recognition, the modules were filled with different colors and coded: A1-A6 (pink), B1-B6 (Yellow), C4 en D4

After the paint had dried the contours of the landscape could be cut using a Thermocut. The cut-out goes down 3 cm, the bridge 3 cm up, so even the highest cars can pass. Then followed the basic scenery using sand and grass. The picture shows the modules A4 and A1.

After the tables were delivered, the layout could be put together for the first time.