For whom is C-Track

C-TRAK is meant for everybody who would like to build a large model railroad, but where space for a permanent layout and storage for regular modules are is not available. By using Märklin C-track geometry, the system is suitable for the following scales and systems:

• AC analog  (C-track)
• AC digital-MFX (C-track)
• DC analog (TRIX track)
• DC digital-DCC (TRIX track)
• Battery operated trains(my world), plastic track-, C-track and/or TRIX track
• Oe/On30 DC and DCC (Bachmann and former Fleischmann Magic Train)
• Oe AC (former Märklin Minex programm)

Use at home

C-TRAK is ideal for youth and starting model railroaders because building with Märklin C-track of plastic my world track is very easy. However, this does not mean that more experienced modellers may not build detailed dioramas on the same basic geometry. In a home setting, layouts me be built in ever changing combinations either on the floor, on tables or even outdoors.

Model Railroad clubs

Because modules are small, they can be brought to clubnights, either do enjoy building together or to install a larger (temporary) layout. Especially clubs where space is at a premium it is a very good alternative for storing modules locally, because everyone can bring his own. It is also ideal for clubs with youth members, who can work on their own layout, not interfering with the more professional layout(s) built by adult club members.


C-TRAK is inexpensive and has many aspects that could be interesting for educational purposes, like

  • Creativity: Building a personal piece of (fantasy) world or mayby even using elements with a more social relevance;
  • Workmanship: creating buildings and trees, painting, drawing, (with or without computers) cutting, constructing the modules etc.;
  • Technology: automating trains and remote control, 3D printing, Computer Aided Manufacturing (cutters, lasercutting;
  • Social skills: building of a common project and interaction while actually playing and building a layout;
  • Play: last but not least, playing with model trains is fun!