C-TRAK layouts can be made of any number of modules, ranging from a simple oval to large and complex networks. Although many layouts consist of one or more ovals or a so-called ’dog bone’ design, it is perfectly possible to use one or more terminals. The beauty is also that there isn’t a fixed set, so layouts can change every time they are set up. The following layouts are just a few examples. The MSCD designed a layout to be transported easily to exhibitions and can be uses as a core for larger layouts. It also features a fly-over.


There are many ways to design larger layouts. Märklin still provides a plastic template that can be used for planning on paper. A different method is using a computer program. There are many programs available on the internet, some even free for smaller layouts (e.g. AnyRail). A nice app on the iPad is TrainDesign (€ 1,99 in the Appstore). Using a grid of 532 mm and choosing a trackset called Märklin H0 C, designing is easy. Start with one straight piece of 172 mm perpendicular to one side to determine the distance and the rest will follow easily within the grid. Also see the layout of the MSCD exhibition youth layout.