What is C-TRAK

C-TRAK is a modular system for model railroads based on a few standard modules, track and placement. The system is very flexible despite the minimal specifications while modules stay interchangeable. The basic idea is based on T-TRAK (www.t-trak.org), which is popular in the United States Japan, and Europe. Only this time C-track and its variations by Märklin is used, hence the name. This standard can be used at home, by clubs and during national or international shows to create larger layouts.

C-TRAK modules can be small diorama’s using either C-track (AC), TRIX (DC)  or the plastic rails belonging to the my world sets from Märklin, all using the same geometry and click-connections. Due to their small size the modules are cheap, quickly and easy to build, to transport and to store.
The modules are designed to work on regular tables (which is the most common explanation for the ’T’ in T-TRAK), but any horizontal plane will suffice, either the floor or the garden, on higher or on lower tables (especially for kids).The ingenious click-system from Märklin allows for speedy assembly and disassembly. This makes the ideal for indoor use also, because they do not need e permanent setup. C-TRAK is a logical choice, especially for model railroading by and with kids.

This website is meant to create an interest for anybody interested in building a modular model railroad and/or single modules. T-TRAK has grown enormously since its invention an C-TRAK has al lot of potential, especially in Europe. Its origin is in the Netherlands and more can be found on the Dutch site at www.c-trak.nl. This site also has links to other related websites, without any further commercial interest.

Märklin, C-track, TRIX and my world are trademarks owned by the Simba Dicky Group