The easiest way to build a module is to build a hollow box, bottom up. However the can also be filled with foam in order to landscape contours. Sheets of styrofoam are available in different sizes and thicknesses.

For modules we distinguish three different types:

The best start to build layouts at home is with 4 corner modules. When the closed circle is made properly, all other modules can be checked using these four. The pictures show the construction of a double track layout; single track circle using four R1 modules, determining the distance for the second track using switches, construction of the outer circle and finally checking the connecting track by switching the modules around. For this no measurement tools are necessary, but the use of a printed template (download below) is possible.

Construction of the inner circle using four R1 modules

Building two straight modules with switches to determine the distance between the tracks

Construction of the outer track (R2) and cutting the track sections to make a 45 degree angles

Checking the tracks intended to connect to other modules

Click here for a template aiding you to place the tracks relatively to the front edge of the module. Check the precision of your printer first using a good ruler and the ruler on the print before using.